Jan 23, 2010

Olive is once again Korean

Today Olive went to the vet for her vaccinations and a hair cut. I know it is winter but this girl was just way too moppy so I said shave her. So for 66,000 W (which is way cheaper than the states, Hollywood Houdz costs $55.00 for just a groom) Olive got her yearly vac. a groom and dumbo ears :)

this was her a few weeks ago


Anonymous said...

Olive, you'll need a sweate for a long time. Love, Dusty

Chillster said...

Hi Nicole and Adam,
Your blog has inspired me to bring my dog to Korea to teach English so thank you for posting your adventures with Olive. Could I ask you what you did with Olive while you were at work? Do you know if some schools would allow me to bring her to work? Would it be easy to get neighbours to pet sit for us?

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