Dec 17, 2011

Christmas LIghts

Since 1935, Downtown Denver has lit up its courthouse using more than 600,000 lights. Traffic stops, people look on at all there is to see. There is a nativity scene out front along with very large angels with trumpets hanging off either side of the building.

In addition, there is a parade on both Friday and Saturday nights early in December.

The 16th Street mall is also decked out with tons of lights!

Dec 15, 2011


The snow and winter are here. Adam still takes the scooter since he works two miles down the road on a very well paved, well scooped road. I have resorted to the bus.
The temperature gets up into the 40s during the day and down to the teens at night. We haven't had a snow fall in about two weeks, but the stuff on the ground just never seems to disappear.
Olive isn't quite sure if she loves it or not. We have tossed her in it numerous times...but I think it is too cold for her.
There is something about the way the white snow makes everything feel cheery...and cold.
I am still getting used to the christmas lights though. Those of you who have never lived in the south may not know it, but the leaves don't really fall of the trees the same in Florida. So, when Christmas lights are strung, you can't see but the part you are looking at. Here, at night, all the trees look like pretty spirals because you can see the lights wrapped all the way around. Pretty neat observation from this Florida girl.

Dumpster Dive...America style

The other day...most like a month ago, Adam found a treasure...a brand new bed frame. We are finally adults, no more mattress on the floor. The bed is a bit high though and we have had to teach O-town to jump on the end tables first then up on the bed so she can make it.

Bad Bloggers

Ever since our move here to denver, we have been so incredibly bad at sharing our memories from this great city. As our year is quickly coming to an end, we are promising to catch up and do a much better job.
#1 Internet is way slow
#2 Blogger interface is just not so user friendly any more
#3 Our daily activities are just not as incredibly exciting as they were when we were overseas
#4 Lazy.

Dec 12, 2011

1 year anniversary

Adam and I very rarely spend lazy days together and decided that Dec. 11  was the perfect day to do it. We have been officially married 1 year. 

We spend the morning lazy in Pj's drinking coffee and well, sleeping until 10...which is pretty late for us We then walked across the street to Snooze. Adam is totally in love with their silverware. Had some amazing mimosas and breakfast. We split the yummy granola and yogurt with grapefruit. I had the Chilaquiles Benedict and Adam had the scramble.

We headed back home for a champagne nap and woke up around 3 to get ready for our night out. We jumped on the bus and headed downtown with no exact location in mind. We strolled the streets and ended up at D'Corazon. We drank maybe 4 margaritas a piece...I had the Pomegranate and Adam had the original. We shared faijitas and had super yummy sopapillas for dessert.

We ended our night out looking at the Christmas lights downtown. I think so many things made this night perfect. The idea that we had no plans and just did is something rare for us. We spent the day reminiscing about the past year and dreaming about our next year and where on earth it may take us.

I know we are really lucky to have each other and share similar dreams and actually having the gumption and support of each other to chase them. I never in a million years would have thought that this was in my cards. I never realized that when you are with the right person, the one person who truly balances you, anything is possible and and those possibilities truly develop into your life.

Dec 2, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas! This year we decided to purchase a fake tree even though we live in the land of Colorado where tall greenery is all around us. Adam wanted to have a traditional tree, so we strung popcorn and cranberries. We had no idea how long it took to string enough yardage to go around the whole tree.

 Four hours later, we had our tree decorated, laced and lit in the living room.

Here is the completed tree with all of our fabulous wrapped gifts from the family!

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