Jun 19, 2012

new do....

 so, for a while, Nicole had her hair all nice and long.....

and I was all..........

 but now, she got her hair all cut and short......


 and i'm just like..............

put a ring on it,

Jun 17, 2012

Drying laundry

Without a dryer or a balcony this is how we dry laundry in the SOK... Everything comes out a bit more crunchy than in the states but we just think of it as a free skin exfoliant.

Jun 11, 2012


Adam has been back to his gym routine for a month now and I finally signed up for yoga.
The studio is across the street from work and super convenient.. for 6 months it is only costing $417 us dollars.
After signing the contract I noticed that the center is categorized under entertainment. Tonight is my first class so we shall see what kind of entertainment it specializes in :)

Jun 3, 2012


Two years later we trekked it back up the bongsun ridge that we hiked so many times before. The unfortunate yet extremely entertaining site of Nicole freaking out over a massive clap of thunder made our decent rather speedy but as in everything we do...an adventure was born.

Ride the lightning,


Last weekend we ordered our first delivered meal with the help of.our concierge. We stuck with pizza and chicken... but next time we will venture into Korean food territory where yes ladies and gents...they deliver on real plates and come back to pick them up.
This was our order...

치킨+팬피자+콜라  새트     
디핑소스 ~2


apartment #1332

No paper in these sewers

Here in Korea... there is a rule that we only sometimes follow... but this sign had me shakin in my shoes with the little devilish character making sure I did as I was told

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