Mar 28, 2011

Pride and Dangerous.

Since my mass media class in college, i've become somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to television. I keep my mouth shut when watching reality shows (as to not upset people who believe them to be "real"), but a harder pill to swallow is the one that has me believe what i see on the news. Now, I like to be in the know somewhat in whats happening around the world and would like to believe that a portion of what is being reported is true. Unfortunately, like alot of other things (*church..cough!) is big business and honest reporting takes a back seat to corporate agenda's and bottom lines.

The news of the aweful events two weeks ago of course peaked my skeptical interest and have had me contemplating the situation on a number of levels since the news of the earthquake broke. On one end, like the events of recent week in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, the news agencies had their men and women on the ground reporting on the horrid aftermath and providing up to the minute rundowns on the developments in a very fragile and potentially catostrophically global situation.

Mar 26, 2011

Art from my husband

This week we worked on two projects (besides job hunting and interviewing).
One...hanging artwork.
Two...transferring my garden over into pots.

As for hanging artwork, it really helps having an awesome photographer as a husband. I have always wanted a wall of doors and windows from around the world. Who knows what has happened or developed behind each one. So, we have begun that wall... I ran out of matching frames in order to add more.

Mar 24, 2011

Alias, always a favorite

Before 24, there was Alias...and now, with no cable and very weak internet we are once again in the trenches of season 3 of Alias (I own all the seasons on DVD). A while back, when Alias was on TV, I was hooked. The show created a bond between me and Jennifer Garner, her costumes and alias's always created a sort of envy on my part. The show travels around the world trying to defeat double agents and solve the Rimbaldi mysteries...while having romances between Bradley Cooper and Michael Vartan.
I have hooked Adam on the series too and now we watch it nightly. We just finished season 2 and the luck that Adam has is that he doesn't have to wait months to see how the cliff hanger is intertwined with the story line. 
My advice to all...get hooked, rent it, order it on's definitely a show worth watching.

Mar 21, 2011

Downtown Denver...clean and eclectic

Yesterday we set off in the beautiful sunshine Denver has to offer, with Olive in tow and headed West...into Downtown. We first walked through the mile of residential streets located behind us and headed North to City Park which houses the Zoo, 2 museums, a golf course and tons of play area.

Mar 19, 2011


Part of our move-in process called for the addition of a new pet. not tat Olive isn't enough of a companion for the two of us....we just thought some marine life might be cool to have around.

Beta fish are a lazy man...or woman's answer to having a fun tropical fish that requires little or no maintenance...kinda like a yorkie, with fins. We spotted an electric blue Beta at the petsmart nearby and decided that he was the one.


After we had all the house stuff in order we took our last full day with the Caliber to explore a local attraction in Denver, The Red Rocks Ampitheatre. just west of Denver has been puttin on rock shows within its all natural walls since the 40's (well, they might have been opera shows at that point). seating nearly 10,000 with stunning views of denvers skyline and the rolling hills between, the amitheatre is known for its amazing acoustics that resonate between two towering rocks that flank both sides of the concert venue.

up up 5280 feet and 1500 away!

Onward and upward to our new home in the sky. March 9th we boarded our flight to Denver with our luggage, our pup and really, alot of "who knows wtf is gonna be out there?" in our heads. Like Korea, we had very little knowledge of our destination. Unlike Korea, everyone would speak english and use dollars so we are all ready ahead of the game in 2 ways.

Arriving home to our apartment finally at 2am on Thursday morning we were wasted tired and without much to sleep on, the carpeted bedroom would have to make due along with some jackets  for pillows and a sleeping bag. Things from here could only get better.

Mar 6, 2011

liberation from "stuff"...again ;)

As is the case, we tend to form attachments to things...things that really should not be held so closely to us for some intrinsic emotional or sentimental reason...but alas...they do. And because of this...we have "the stuff". It fills our attics, our room shelves and most definitely that drawer in the kitchen that we hesitate to reach into anymore because last time we touched something sticky.

Mar 4, 2011

so long old friend.....

I remember when we first spotted one another. I was checking out her friend actually. The friend was pretty basic, less flashy and certainly less conspicuous. I was honestly about to make a move and seal the deal until she came into view. Maybe it was her styling or the way she just looked more exciting....whatever it was....she had me at...yellow.

Mar 2, 2011

Love Lust

Our wedding photos are here and I am so happy. They truly show the emotions and feeling that our most amazing day brought to us.
Here is the link to the full ready, there are more than 600 :)
Enjoy and feel the love!

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