Jul 21, 2011

good news

Well, My Mom and I have had a really nice visit together here in Maryland...mostly eating, watching TV and lounging in our comfy hotel beds.While we have had a nice relaxing time, we are only now able to truly enjoy it knowing the results of her hospital visit. (the picture is of building 10...the clinical center)
I have never blogged about it on here before, but basically here is a brief history of our Maryland visits.
Summer 1998 Mom was sick but no one knew what was wrong.

Jul 19, 2011

My momma

That lady right there...thats my Mom. I have to say that in 31 years I have never seen her double fist a drink...and for that matter drink a whole Margarita. I miss my Mom and love that I was able to meet her here in Bethesda, MD. She is sleeping right now...must have been that Margarita and my Mountain Time clock must have kicked in because I am wide awake.
Although we are not here in Maryland for necessarily fun times...we are together, having some much needed girl time and well that makes the experience (I hope) a little more bareable.
My Mom is a trooper, she is a fighter and at this point, she is just the strongest human I know...Im talking Superman strong. For the last 12 1/2 years she has been fighting against the evil C Monster that has insisted on testing her. Weekly rediculous medicines are given to her to keep the Monster at bay and she goes on, lives life and trys so hard to show everyone that nothing can stop her. And tonight, in Maryland, less than a mile from that crazy NIH campus down the road, a Guapo's Margarita has put that Superhero to bed. Time to rest up so tomorrow not even a CT and the C Monster can get in her way.
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Jul 16, 2011

how do you celebrate your most amazing year?.....hot wings and beer at Hooters!

July 14th marked a milestone for Nicole and I as we celebrated our 1 year anniversary since eloping in Koh Samui , Thailand. Its hard to wrap our heads around the first year when we even try to think about it all given the wealth of amazing memories that were made throughout. Even more difficult was trying to decide what way to best commemorate the day. As always though, the path less traveled was where we ended up......and this time, theis path was paved with beer specials, hot wings and girls wearing far less clothing than their tuition paying parents would care to see. Yup, Hooters.

And in the spirit of adventure, we traveled there on the scoot in a fairly solid downpour of rain to add the ever present risk and excitement that we have grown to feed off of in our time together.

Soaking wet, laughing and full of satisfaction on our arrival in one piece, we toasted, we ate and shared more dreams of the years to come and can't wait to try and top this years occasion next year ;)

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Jul 14, 2011


Adam and I purchased a Yamaha Vino back in June from a pawn shop. It has become our primary mode of transportation. Most of the roads here in Denver have a speed limit of 35 or less which is perfect for the bike. Alone, I can get the bike up to 40 Mph...with the two of us, we can get to 35 and when Olive joins us along with bags of groceries, we top out at about 30.

Jul 13, 2011


We have now been in Denver for 4 months and 2 days. Adam and I both have jobs...I'm at The Cheesecake Factory on the 16th Street Mall and Adam is at Super Target in Glendale. We have a beautiful apartment located 2 miles from Downtown and 5 blocks from the big City Park.
We invested in an awesome Yamaha Vino scooter that I ride to work. Adam uses the most efficient RTD mass transit here in the city.
Olive has met a few friends and we have a few favorite restaurants around town.
Our life is quite situated and scheduled which is new for us. Ants in our pants is slowly upon us and we are looking at new vacations and places to visit in the Spring. (We must save up)
Adam has been working on his photography and we have ventured all around Denver. Soon, we hope to make it up into the mountains to explore a bit more of the state.
We haven't been much of bloggers lately due to the very not too user friendly Blogger.com.
I promise that over the next few days we will write more, post more and show you more of what we have discovered in this beautiful outdoor state.

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