Sep 22, 2011

City Jazz

 Yes, thats Olive. Every Sunday night through the months of June, July and August the city puts on a fantastic free Jazz in the Park at City Park. Hundreds of people show up with their picnics, volleyball nets and beer bottles to enjoy the afternoon. Olive enjoyed herself and was quite a highlight of entertainment as she swam in the lake and ran after the birdies.

 Darryl was with us and Adam and he played some catch, along with some corn hole with some guys from the Cheesecake and chilled.

Next summer, we should plan on going every weekend. We only made it to the very last one of the season.  But, it was totally worth it.

Shawn and Tiff are Here!!

The wonderfully engaged couple, Shawn and Tiff along with Chloe have arrived to Denver! They have their new apartment with a fantastic view of the city.
We have had many date nights together already...including making homemade sushi and drag queen bingo of course.
We are so happy to have them close by! Chloe and Olive have rekindled their friendship and the 6 of us are in for some great memories in the upcoming months!

Sep 21, 2011

Momma and Frank come to visit

As Shawn and Tiffany made the move out here to Denver, Maryanne and Frank drove along the nice 3 day ride with them. 6 adults and 2 dogs plus the fish all managed to squeeze into our little place on two air mattresses.

We walked around the city and Chloe adapted to the altitude. She and Olive rekindled their friendship.

We went on Long walks and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We lounged in the park and cooked great meals.
We spent our last night in Denver at Stella...amazing Italian food. Great fun and so much love. The restaurant patrons were not such fans of the little love dogs, somehow the power went out and their leashes knotted around some power cords...

I can't wait for a much longer visit where we can spend more time exploring together.

Taste of Colorado

Oh how Adam and I like to eat...and how Adam likes to take pictures of me stuffing my face.

Two weekends ago we went to the Taste of Denver. It is a nice fair down in Civic Park where you purchase tickets and trade them in for food. You can easily buy a full meal at each booth or you can do the daring and spend 3 tickets for samples at all of them...which is what we did.

We ate Buffalo Sausage, Ribs, Bison Chili, Fish Tacos, Gelato, Snow Cones, Salted Pretzels, Yogurt, Asian Noodles and a few other yummies.

Oh and the best part, Chobani was passing out free yogurt...the mango flavor...rockin!

Garden of the Gods

Just south of Colorado Springs is Garden of the Gods. It is free to the public and full of hiking trails, a driving path and rock climbing opportunity. It is also where my friend Nicole's fiance proposed a few years ago :)

Many of the rocks have specific names, you can grab a map in the visitors center and then try your best to pinpoint which is named which.

These are the hogbacks because they resemble the spine of a pig...says the book anyway.

Sep 20, 2011

1 up and Red Square

We have been attempting to discover some night life here in Denver and in August we went to the infamous 1-up Bar and Red Square. Both are pretty unique places that you should get to when in town.

The 1-up features over 30 vintage arcade games (1985 and older), 2 lanes of "Original" Skee Ball, and 8 pinball machines. In addition to our mechanical games we also offer "Giant Jenga" which can be played on any table!! Adam really liked to push the envelope on Jenga, Darryl liked to take risks and remove the hardest piece and I just went with the flow. When the game falls though you definitely should back up...blocks of wood are loud and dangerous when the tumble.

Across the street from my work is Red Square. There you can find 100 frozen vodkas, flavored vodkas and wine. You can find strange garlic infused or delicious strawberry ones that you purchase for $25 a carafe and take shots with your friends. This can be very dangerous because by the time the first carafe kicks in, you are already well into your second.

Quite a fun night our, but haul a cab on your way home :)

Food Trucks

I just realized yet again what slackers we have become here with telling all of you about this fabulous city and our most amazing life here in Denver :)
Every Tuesday and Thursday in Civic Park, you can have lunch between 11-2 with all the business people.

The food trucks are not only fun to look at but there are so many different ones there is something for everyone.You can always go to to check on the daily location of each truck.

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