Jan 24, 2010

i asked.....

With the world coming to an end in less then 2 years in 2012, I figured asking Nicole to marry me seemed appropriate, no?

...ok, I kid. In all seriousness, it blows my mind to find myself in this position. I have asked someone so fantastic to marry me and she says yes without the slightest doubt in her mind that it is exactly what she wants. After 2 and a half years with Nicole and all of our adventures together...I knew it's exactly what I wanted as well.

I've thought a lot over the past few days since it happened about the concept of being "happy"....and not the happy you get when you get paid every other friday, but the happy you get when you discover that what you really want in your world are all the things that are already there. Between my extraordinary family, my friends and Nicole, I feel a whole bunch of happy, lucky and blessed goodness everyday.

We are stoked beyond words for December.....and in all honesty, everyday before and thereafter.

thanks for reading.


Jessica Bays said...

Thats soo sweet! :)

Ashley said...

Thanks guys.

Also, CONGRATS on your recent engagement! I wish you both the best.

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