Oct 29, 2011

Happy Halloween

says the little bumble bee!

Flat Irons

Just East of the Rockies lies the Flat Iron Foothills. We have been there a few times for easy hikes and beautiful scenery. Shawn, Chloe and Olive have come with us. There are hundreds of windy trails, tons of dogs and a stream to go tubing down. The best access is though Boulder.

The Flatirons were named by a pioneer woman after the flat irons that she used to press her clothing. Their shape jutting out of the ground reminded her of this. It is said that these rocks are more than 290 million years old...
Bring a picnic, make the drive and wear your hiking shoes!

Korea, Korea

So, a few of you know already, but Adam and I are looking to head back to Korea next year for a few reasons...
* We miss Kimchi
* Save some mula, more than we can here
* Travel
* The culture
* We will be celebrities!
(These are just a few of the simple reasons, of course Adam and I have gone into much more detailed discussions)
We have applied for the EPIK program with the public school systems, hopefully to be placed in Ulsan on the east coast of the country (last time we lived on the west)
We sent our applications away at the beginning of the month and have just been told that we have passed the initial application review and have Skype interviews set up for Tuesday.
The public system is very different from the private sector which excites us a bit for a new experience. Here are some of the differences:
* We can be placed at more than one school
* We work days
* We will be working with a Korean teacher within the classroom
* We have more days off
* We will be paid more
* I will hopefully be placed in more of a training position!
We will keep you posted. Promise to blog more, especially about our time here in Colorado too.

Cog Railroad

Instead of driving pikes peak like we did last time, we decided to save Adam from car sickness and headed up on the Cog Railroad. For $34 a person you can take the 90 minute ride up Pikes Peak. Along the way you learn about the history and sites, trees and animals along the mountain.
At the top the weather is on average 30 degrees lower than  the bottom.

At 14,000 ft. sits a little old abandoned house that reminded me so much of the alps...check out the pictures below. The one on the left is the Alps and the right Pikes Peak

We all dressed quite warm and spent the day upon the mountain. 

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