Feb 28, 2011

Strawberry Patch

Today my mom and I, my dad and my nephew Bryce went out to Sorrento to go strawberry picking at Oak Haven Farm. I left the camera at home and had only my phone, but what an amazing day. The sun was out, it was close to 80. We had our own row of strawberries and a cardboard box. We were picking the largest strawberries we could find, they would give a kiwi a run for its money. We also ate quite a few of them as we went along. They were so juicy, they dripped down our mouths, down my legs and stained our clothes.
We rode a hayride, roasted hot dogs on an open pit and went on a tire swing. It was definitely a perfect outing. I hope Denver's weather puts up a good competition to Orlando! or else, the sun I will miss.

Feb 21, 2011

denver bound

March 4, we are off on a new adventure...Apartment is all set...and many new blogs of travel, new experiences and the wow factor and discover of heading to a new city...
Prepare yourselves!

This is our new home, 5th floor...no idea what apartment number

Feb 20, 2011

New York NY

I have only been to New York three times, and only twice to the city. I am always amazed how in my head I have this picture of New York based on movies and songs and when I am there, the city surprises me every time.
The people are nice, the streets are clean, the buildings tall, the history dates back a few hundred years and the food is delish.
I also think that after visiting so many cities throughout the world, Adam and I both found a new respect to the ones we have here.

Here are a few of my favorite observations:
-the ornate detail in the buildings
-the vast difference in age and height in so many of the buildings
-the rockin stylish city style of New York
-the police and fire men
-the construction workers in their hoodies with their hard hats talking New York smack in New York accents
-the food
-the public transportation
-all the little cafes
-all the foreign languages
-the awe inspiring Lady Liberty and how she watches over the harbor
everything feels more American being in New York.

We walked and walked this time from Midtown to Battery Park but I hope one day (in warmer weather) to spend a few days walking through much more of the city.

One of the biggest things I have learned from visiting these cities across this wonderful world is to stay a few blocks off the main road and a few feet away from the city center and tourist haven..there you will find the heart of the local scene with homes behind doors you thought led to factories and little cafe gems hidden in corners behind benches.

Feb 18, 2011

in the echo's of a brave new world....Ellis Island, NY

Contemplating history or what chain of events has brought us to this point in modern times is a tricky and brain draining process. I notice that anytime I think about the great explorers that came before, I somehow drift into a place in my mind that loses focus and then...poof...I usually snap out of is and think,....whoa. Then I put my tongue back in my mouth.

A similar feeling was had this past Friday as we entered the front doors of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum.

Standing in the entryway looking at the original tile floors that have been in place since the rebuild of the main structure in 1900 told me that I was not in a museum....I was in a place where lives changed and miracles happened for thousands.

Feb 6, 2011

CNN Article: Why more Americans don't travel abroad....

 It was a constant topic of we had with travelers from all over the world while we traveled. "Why don't more of you yanks travel?" That coming mostly from our UK buddies.

Nicole and I spoke about it frequently and much of what we discussed was laid out in good detail by CNN in an article posted online today. The gist being that American's are comfortable at home because we have nearly an entire continent of various landscapes all to ourselves. While I don't necessarily agree with that way of thinking regarding travel, I understand it. Needless to say though, learning that only 30% of Americans hold a passport as compared to 60% in Canada and 75% in the UK is pretty shocking to me.

Grab all the details of the Natalie Avon's article here; http://www.cnn.com/2011/TRAVEL/02/04/americans.travel.domestically/index.html 

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