Dec 16, 2009

Winter Wear

Winter is here...well not officially for a few more days, but this Florida girl, and dog are having a rough go handling it. I pack on so many layers I am referred to as a sleeping bag. I have invested in a new ajumma hot pink 3 in one jacket. The only colors offered for girls is hot pink and purple, the purple was too small for my american sized here I am, just after arriving home from work in my 3 layers, plus jacket, scarf and hat. If you glasses are fogged because when you wrap a scarf around your mouth and breathe, your breath fogs up your glasses. I wish I knew a cure for that one.

Anyway, Olive has her winter garb too...a nice heavy fleece sweater and truly she loves it. There is snow in the forcast for tomorrow and the next 5 excited as I am, I am that freaked out about how on earth to stay warm!!!

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