Dec 31, 2009

Korean Hotness - Byung-hun Lee

Ok, so I wrote awhile ago about Boys before flowers, a great TV drama here in Korea...but now, a new release IRIS. IRIS is a mix between 24 and Alias. The star = Byung-hun Lee who may look familiar to you...Storm Shadow...the yummy goodness white ninja from G.I.Joe (this is Nicole writing just incase you thought Adam all of a sudden had a turn of thoughts)
Byung-hun Lee is turning 40 this year and he has been around in Korean dramas since the early 90's and only recently hit it big in America with G.I.Joe.
If you have some time to check out IRIS, here is the link to the subtitled starts a bit slow...but the action and drama really picks up. i am on episode 13 and can't wait to see what happens next.


janicka86 said...

you know i watched all series from boys over funny :D
i'm italian..(sorry for my bad english)
and i have korean boyfriend..
i've been in korea this year..and i love to read your blog :)

Adam and Nicole said...

thats ok!
im glad you read, it's part of why we write.

i loved the show too, minus all the whining...but it was great. the girls at work are all watching ill be home for christmas, but i havent started it yet, they said it was great!

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