Dec 22, 2009

Whose job is it anyway

I was looking through the Korea Times Newspaper today for an article to write about and I found just the thing. I guess here in Korea it is a bit worse than the anti man chore thing in America. When I think back, my mother always did the housework at home. I think dad took care of the yard but everything else, my mother did with the exception of mopping the floors every once in awhile. When i think of Adam and I, we have a pretty equal idea of housework. Sometimes he takes the gun and goes all out, he does most the cooking but he enjoys it, i swear. I go haywire with my nutty cleaning sprees, but mostly we work together on everything. I guess here in Korea, things are not so fair.
According to the paper, "Even jobless men were found to be spending much less time doing household chores. It seems that women are dealing with lots of work inside the house regardless of their own jobs or their husbands' occupation. With added responsibilities of childcare, the amount of domestic chores for the woman is quite large," He noted that even though husbands help with childcare, the larger amount of chores tend to fall on the shoulders of women. "

It said that this awful stat has actually affected Korean women's outlook on marriage, which I can understand...but why are the men raised not to take care of their women? I guess it all goes together with the same attitude with not holding doors or letting women go first etc. that I have had to get used to here.

A WHOPPING 71.3 % of males said that the chores are for the women, which is why only 11% of women hope to get married and 46% said they didn't want to. How sad is that???

This may be why many of the Korean women at work ooh and ahh at Adam and constantly tell me how gentle he is...which i swear is the wrong word... i just think he is perfect...for me ladies..

anyway, my point, i am not a feminist, i do not run around screaming equal treatment and men are garbage, but dads and moms out there, your sons and daughters learn from you, so.... and all you grown up men...treat your ladies write and help out!

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Anonymous said...

After I finished reading your article, I read the rest of the Korean strange they have Dear Abby?

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