May 14, 2012

The World's Fair, 2012

Ah yes, The World's Fair. This year, is being held in you guessed it! South Korea. Yeosu.
The official website is here. 

The fair began this weekend.They are expecting more than 8 million people to visit in the next 93 days! Tickets are on average 33,000 won a person, or about $30. 

The theme for the expo is "The Living Ocean and Coast." Since Yeosu is located on the coast, it does make perfect sense.

Adam and I will venture over there in early July to partake in the festivities. As more articles and news comes out about the events and the expo overall, I will repost.

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Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog for a while, I too was thinking of going to the expo but i've heard of 4-5 hour waits and according to this article you won't even know if you can look around the expo until you have got there:

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