May 3, 2012

goin all Emo....again

...a major benny in returning for my temp assignment at Reading Star in Gwangju has been the return to the culinary mastery of the in house cook, Emo. Not her real name but the name that I consider synonymous with uber delish Korean dishes served daily on the rooftop of our school. While immediately complimenting Nicole on her always beauteous self,  Emo also recognized the frail state I was reduced to in the wake of our Japanese experience. Willing to make it all better she has been whipping up some hearty plates for the paste few weeks to get me back to my old teaching weight ;)

Great to have her food back for at least a while and to make sure I am respecting her efforts, I earn my membership to the clean plate club everyday.

Thanks Emo!

Kimchi is the new black,

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