Feb 25, 2010


So, for months people have been talking about going to a norebong...they are so much fun, you must come. But, the problem is, i have never been a fan of kareoke and to go with a bunch of friends seemed even worse to me.

Last night, after work, I really wanted a cheeseburger. So, a few of us, Fliss, Rupsha and I, went to Lotteria and had a Korean version of a cheeseburger. Then, everyone wanted to go to fish and grill for some fruit flavored soju and seeing as though I wasn't yet tired (very weird for me seeing as though it was close to 11 pm) I went along. We had Kiwi and Strawberry flavored soju. A few more friends met up with us, Holly, Molly, Romy, Park and three of his friends.

Then, off we went to a norebong 노럐방we went. At a norebong, each group of people get their own room (it was of a decent size), there are song books, disco lights, tamborines and a great sound system. You pay a small fee and then run to the corner store to pick up snacks, soju and beer. I really couldn't believe it, but right from the start I jumped up to the front and sang along with everyone.

I left around 3 am. There are more pictures under the "photos" beware that they are not the best...but man did I have fun! There are some videos and if I can round them up from Rupsha's camera, then I will post them too.


Anonymous said...

Another star is born! xxoo Love and miss you

オテモヤン said...
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