Feb 2, 2010

I'm off limits boys

I’m taken means something a bit more drastic here in Korea. I just thought I would let you know that ever since people have begun to find out I am engaged, less and less of the guys, Korean, are even speaking to me. At work, Jason found out I was engaged and wouldn’t give me a hug on his last day here because I am engaged. He wiggled off like a lizard without his tail. At the gym, these two young Koreans spoke with me just yesterday. Today, the owner told them Adam and I were engaged. One of the boys looked at me and said, Husband? I said soon. He said oh and walked off. It is like I am now completely off limits, even to talk too. I am a poison or a death sentence to them. It shows just how much they respect relationships, or other men’s women here.


Adam said...

damn right!

Ashley said...

Hooray! Jason finally left Reading Town! We wanted him to move onto better things, but didn't think he'd do it!

Adam and Nicole said...

Well, he didn't really leave. He went to the new campus they are opening...but maybe it is a promotion?

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