Feb 17, 2010

Naked News

at first, what begins to look like a photo shoot or a catwalk...turns into Koreas own "naked news"

Just thought Id share, figured it would get your attention


Brian said...

I guess you got this, and the Paris Hilton thing, off the Chosun Ilbo. Not sure you noticed, but they're both rather old stories. The things on the Chosun's most-read list are often old articles that were recently re-discovered on an internet forum, or simply attract a lot of Google hits.

Adam and Nicole said...

Thanks for the info! I still think that they are great articles and info that people back home may want to hear about. It just shares more about what life is like here. I think the Chosun Ilbo is a lot more fun to read because of their qwarkyness.

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