Feb 8, 2012

What we have learned in 12 hours

Ohio Gozeyemas means good morning
Adam and I fit comfortably on a full size bed.
Coffee at Tillys was $5 a piece
Breakfast for 2 at McDonalds was the same price for 1 coffee across the street.
School kids wear cute uniforms, same with the McDonalds workers (knee highs and skirts)
Everything here is small
They have heated toilet seats!
We are pretty much the same height as everyone else
America is associated with Big...see the Las Vegas Burger

Tons more to come, we are awaiting our ride to go apartment hunting... Hopefully to find our new place.


Gerry Cola said...

I've always wondered why Japanese toilets are so popular. I bet the heated seats are the reason.

Adam and Nicole said...

They are awesome, they even have a bidet, or a spray and a heater to dry off your bum. Sometimes Adam just sits on the toilet even if he doesn't have to go :)
Now, we are in our apartment and there is one toilet and one hole in the floor per floor....getting used to using the hole in the floor, it is more sanitary :)
Thanks for reading!

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