Feb 17, 2012

Japanese Lesson #1

 Last night we had a lesson exchange with Akemi. She is wonderful! Akemi just moved into our building and wanted to work on her conversational English, so in return she is teaching us very simple Japanese. Choo, is a dancer...a hiphop and popping dancer. He came near the end and conversed too.

We have decided to meet once a week in our social room in our building to practice. Soon, maybe we can increase to two. Our schedules are just a bit different. We found out that here in Japan, they don't have rice pudding. I don't get it when rice is such a popular dish. So, Adam and I said we would make some for our next meeting.

It turns out there is one way to speak but 3 ways to write Japanese!

This is what we have learned so far: (or we have to study this week)

1.    ichi                      Monday         getsuyo-bi          
2.    ni                         Tuesday         kayo-bi               
3.    san                      Wednesday    swioh-bi
4.    yon                      Thursday       mokuyo-bi
5.    go                        Friday            kinyo-bi
6.    rocku                   Saturday        dohyo-bi
7.    nana                    Sunday        nichiyo-bi
8.    hachi 
9.    kyu
10.   ju 

Good Morning - Ohio Gozimas
Good Afternoon - Konechiwa
Good Evening - Combahumwa
Good Night - Ohya sume nasai

How are you? Ganke Deska   I am fine. Ganke Des

I have a cold - Kazeh oh he ta ma su
Hungry - Ona Kah Gah Sweetah sweetah means full
Full - Ona Kah Gah Ee Pai  (Ona Kah Gah means stomach) eepai means empty

Delicious - Oishie
Pretty - Kawaii

Im Sorry, Im not good at speaking Japanese
Sumi masen... ne hongo ga  to kewi dewah   ah lemasem

Whats your name?
anah tano nami wah nan deska

Have we met before
Hagi memashi tae

Good to see you

I Love You
ahe shahtalu

Thats all for now, study up!

1 comment:

Gerry Cola said...

Hah I've heard every one of those phrases in the Japanese cartoons that I watch, but never knew what they meant. It's cool that you're learning Japanese. Next thing you know you'll be fluent! Did the dancer teach you any moves?

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