Feb 16, 2012


After being here a week in Japan.... I feel it an appropriate time to begin reminiscing about what we have left behind. As such, and beginning a new teaching gig here... I wanted to say a few words about my time at Target in Glendale, Colorado.

What started as a " just gimme a job" sorta deal morphed into one of the more enjoyable work experienced I've ever had. The pinnacle if that time coming when I was asked to co-head the team in dairy/frozen. I'll let some of the pics speak for themselves. The crew I has the honor of workin with was focused but always left room to make the time spent in a ten degree freezer entertaining and by all legal accounts....a serious HR issue :)

Being all guys, we had no boundaries for conversation and because we're dudes....being caddy did not apply. This eclectic crew always kept it light and fun. Work is not that serious and should not be an aspect of living that induces to much stress or tension. This was the mantra of my team and something I'll always be happy to have been a part of. Thanks for makin it awesome y'all! ....btw, Japanese yogurt sucks.... Long live Chobani!

Thanks for reading,


Momma said...

I like the costumes

Gerry Cola said...

Let me get this straight. They make yogurt out there, but not cheese? Where's the logic in that?

It's the team members Adam, not the company. I've worked at other Target stores and the people I worked with sucked. That's why when I came back to the company, I didn't go back to the same store.

Also, Benny thinks he found one of your red sweaters laying around in the back room. We've hung it by the dairy doors to have it "retired" like they do with baseball player numbers ^.^

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