Jul 14, 2010

Koh Samui..close to heaven

The internet is very slow,...but we are here in Koh Samui. When we arrived on our very little airplane, I was a bit nervous that I had picked a hotel for our wedding without having read multiple reviews and seen tons of pictures...as we drove through the island town,
I had to keep reminding myself that all island towns are like this and nestled in somewhere are the memories and places hidden from the world.

Well, the Kala provided nothing but that dream the minute we walked through the waterfall doors. The Kala (meaning coconut) used to be..you guessed it a coconut plantation. Here, they use monkeys instead of people to pick the ripe coconuts...so the property is decorated with many natural elements, especially coconuts. Maria, our wedding planner showed us to our room, which is set up as sort of a bungalow, high above the rocks and trees, looking out directly on the Siam.
We had champagne in our room along with a personal letter welcoming us. We met Maria, the planner, and Johnny the master of ceremonies for a drink to discuss the plan for tomorrow, then we changed and sat in/by the pool for a few hours.

We have no desire to leave the property, except for maybe a kayak ride here and there...it is perfect here, calm, quiet, and serene. They have a spa, a restaurant and a library. For dinner last night we had a "buffet" by the pool. However, the "buffet" was made mostly to order. The food here is spiced and seasoned with lemon grass, coconut and I believe ginger...it is honestly better than any Thai food I have had back home.

Today, once Adam wakes up, we will have breakfast and relax by the pool until about 3 ...or 4 am your time where we will begin to get ready for our big night.
Next blog, wedding blog, husband and wife :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm really happy to see my speaking and writing teachers who look extremely happy.. haha I'll miss you!

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