Jun 13, 2010


Friday night after work we joined in the weekly all you can eat sushi with everyone from work. For about $25.00 per person, we partook in at least 6 different cuts of tuna, side dishes a plenty and this time, the soju was rockin...Fliss, Julia, Molly, Dom, Jessica, Adam and I got to the restaurant at about 10:30 and ate and drank until about 2 am. We had a blast...I haven't laughed that hard in awhile...our group of friends here are truly one of a kind.
As you can see, Tuna and Soju makes me happy and Adam a madman. It is hard to begin to grasp the idea of having a whole 16 days left here. How on Earth do you say goodbye to people that have become such a great part of your day...and realizing the possibility of seeing most of them again is very slim. I can guarantee before we leave, another tuna night will ensue, that much I am sure...the goodbye part, I will think about another day.

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jessica said...

so much fun! GREEN BOTTLE

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