Jun 2, 2010

election day!

Today in South Korea is election day. With almost 78% of the population eligible to vote, the country basically has the day off to get to the polls. Well....except for Hagwons because they'll only shut down or close early during the apocalypse. There are more than 9,900 candidates who are running for a total of 3,991 officials, including 16 mayors and governors, 228 heads of low- level administrative units, thousands of local councilors, educational superintendents and educational board members.

From campaign walkers to an array of music and chant blasting trucks cruising the strip at all hours, the weeks heading up to this election were really interesting to see and hear.


Here's one drivin by the crib just yesterday. 

Thats all for today, thanks homeys!


1 comment:

Becca said...

OMG they kept waking me up in the morning with their chanting! The night before the election they were going crazy driving around and shouting, it distracted me so much, I stopped class to watch what was happening and asked the kids to translate for me...that still counts as teaching English right?

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