Jun 13, 2010

for real

tonight, after watching a baseball game, having a beer and eating a burger, we walked through a park on the other side of town where we stumbled upon a laser water light show choreographed to music. adam handed me a towel to layout on the ground for us to sit on. when I unwound it, it had a message for me.

if you remember, adam and i came to the decision to get married together and so he never "asked" in a traditional manner. well, tonight, one month from our wedding date in thailand, he asked :)

its officially official in the great way where he got down on his knee and asked me with a toy ring (since I already had my real one on) of course I said yes and will keep this towel forever!


Anonymous said...

He is such a great guy! You both are so lucky to have found each other. Can't wait to have him for a son in law :)

Anonymous said...

That's my son!...such a romantic through & through.

It's a genetic gift.

But it's so easy to be a romantic when you have a beautiful woman who inspires you. Thank you Nicole for being such an inspiration for Adam.

Love you both..

Anonymous said...

ohhh my god this the most romantic proposal I have ever seen!! Adam you are going to have to give Nick some lessons!! I am so happy for you guys!! this is such an amazing memory


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