Mar 21, 2012

St. Patricks Day Potluck

This St. Patricks Day a Potluck in our guesthouse was put together. Everyone had to bring something to share. I made Shepherds Pie. You can find the recipe I used here

Rob made delicious fruit salad


 The spread of food was nice because there were so many flavors to try.

The bull riding came out (this is a machine actually used for weightless here)

Below is an actress we saw on TV. No idea what she was saying, but she was the funniest comedian and had us laughing like crazy.

Nobu really enjoyed the Sake

At the end of the night, the 8 of us troopers had a St. Patricks day to remember. Everyone said that this was a big of a going away party for us. We will explain more about the reason soon. 
The First House has really been a great experience where we were able to live with people from 8 countries around the world. It really gave us a nice opportunity to meet people and enjoy a side of Japan we wouldn't have if we lived on our own in an apartment.

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