Feb 28, 2011

Strawberry Patch

Today my mom and I, my dad and my nephew Bryce went out to Sorrento to go strawberry picking at Oak Haven Farm. I left the camera at home and had only my phone, but what an amazing day. The sun was out, it was close to 80. We had our own row of strawberries and a cardboard box. We were picking the largest strawberries we could find, they would give a kiwi a run for its money. We also ate quite a few of them as we went along. They were so juicy, they dripped down our mouths, down my legs and stained our clothes.
We rode a hayride, roasted hot dogs on an open pit and went on a tire swing. It was definitely a perfect outing. I hope Denver's weather puts up a good competition to Orlando! or else, the sun I will miss.

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