Feb 20, 2011

New York NY

I have only been to New York three times, and only twice to the city. I am always amazed how in my head I have this picture of New York based on movies and songs and when I am there, the city surprises me every time.
The people are nice, the streets are clean, the buildings tall, the history dates back a few hundred years and the food is delish.
I also think that after visiting so many cities throughout the world, Adam and I both found a new respect to the ones we have here.

Here are a few of my favorite observations:
-the ornate detail in the buildings
-the vast difference in age and height in so many of the buildings
-the rockin stylish city style of New York
-the police and fire men
-the construction workers in their hoodies with their hard hats talking New York smack in New York accents
-the food
-the public transportation
-all the little cafes
-all the foreign languages
-the awe inspiring Lady Liberty and how she watches over the harbor
everything feels more American being in New York.

We walked and walked this time from Midtown to Battery Park but I hope one day (in warmer weather) to spend a few days walking through much more of the city.

One of the biggest things I have learned from visiting these cities across this wonderful world is to stay a few blocks off the main road and a few feet away from the city center and tourist haven..there you will find the heart of the local scene with homes behind doors you thought led to factories and little cafe gems hidden in corners behind benches.


Mariah said...

Mrs. Nicole!!!! I've never been jealous of a person in my life! You make it seem so easy! lol I went to New York 1 time and loved it. I agree with you that tourist parts makes things so bland. I got more of a kick riding the train from oyster bay to the city and eating with my friend in china town.

Adam and Nicole said...

Mariah! It is so easy to travel! Just do it and enjoy every minute.

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