May 7, 2010

Louis Loves Kimchi

I thought I would share Louis' essay and his love for Kimchi:

Nowadays, people are interested in healthy food. I recommend Kimchi. Kimchi is not well known to other countries. I think kimchi is the best side dish. Kimchi is very healthy and great because it has lactobacillus, it is a great side dish and it is made by hand.

Kimchi has lactobacillus that helps our body. Lactobacillus is good because it helps produce good bacteria. When we have a lot of good bacteria, we become healthy. Also, it cleans our intestine by removing the bad bacteria which lives in our intestines. It kills our bad and nasty bacteria, so our body becomes very healthy! When there are a lot of lactobacillus, kimchi becomes more tasty. I like kimchi with a lot of lactobacillus. Kimchi has lactobacillus that helps our body stay healthy in many ways, so kimchi is a very healthy food!

Kimchi is great and makes a great side dish. First it is fresh. It smells and tastes good. It is very yummy. Also, it is spicy, I like spicy food. Kimchi is one spicy food that I like. Also, there is one more thing that makes kimchi great. Kimchi helps us digest very well. It digests easily and helps other food digest easy too! Kimchi is the best side dish, so I can’t eat a meal without kimchi.

Kimchi is very special because it is made by hand. It is made by people, not machines. Most food that is made by machines is tasty, but not very healthy because of machines, but kimchi isn’t! There are not so many bad ingredients, so it helps our body become healthy! Also, people who make kimchi pour out their heart into making kimchi, so it is more tasty Kimchi is made by had, so it is fresh!

Kimchi is the best side dish for us because it has lactobacillus, it is great and it is made by hand. Health is very important to s, so I think kimchi is right. Kimchi is very good. Let’s be healthy a by eating kimchi!


Andrew and Cayce said...

Did you edit this or is this really how he turned it in???

Very impressive!

Adam said...

This is his final copy :)

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