Nov 1, 2009

Magestic Fall

I decided to write the blog, instead of Adam, please don't be disappointed...but whereas this is really my first fall, I wanted to write.

Fall is beautiful. Fall is proof that nature is so healthy for us.

Today we took the Korail train to Jeongyup and then a local bus through major traffic to Naejangsan National Park. The town at the foot of the hill was full of local vendors selling food and goodies.

We walked around for a good 6 hours and the air was fresh, everyone was in a great mood and the colors were unlike anything I have ever seen.

I really don't know what more to say, the beauty of our day explains it all.

Enjoy the pictures!

1 comment:

Whit and Lindsay said...

LOVE the video guys!! Looked like a wonderful trip into autumn.

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