Nov 18, 2009

Food Show!

Well, we missed the Auto show a few weeks back which was fairly dissapointing but if there is one thing in this world that i'll get outta bed for other than an imported supercar, its food! So naturally when we were made aware of the 2009 Gwangju International Food Show we decided to check it out!

The event was at the Kimdaejung Convention center last Saturday and featured a pretty wide variety of foods from Kimchi to Cakes. We even had the opportunity to sample some wood juice....yup, tasted just like you would wood. We also tried some interesting squishy garlic that was interesting and supposedly good for you.

Here''s our famous Korean floozy soju ad girl...i just had to take a shot with her....
....i take that back...i'm sure her personality is sparkling.

We also spotted our local coffe shop girl who was in some barista contest....she was visibly embarrased when we freaked out and started waving...but nonetheless, she had meeguk fans ;)

We took a minute to check out the Kim Dae-jung memorial on the way out which was kinda neat. For those who are not familiar, Kim Dae-jung was was president in South Korea from 98-2003 and the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000 for his unification efforts with North Korea. It was neat to see all the images his life and the amazing story behind the man. I'll ket wiki enlighten you if you are interested to learn more...

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Brian said...

Whoa, I saw you two there.

I went to one of the car shows in 2008. They'll have it again in the spring. It was surreal. Pretty quiet except for the sound of cameras clicking, as the half-moon of guys around the cars were taking pictures of racing girls doing ridiculous poses. The women would look at each photographer and do something weird, like an Asian pose, or sprawl against a car . . . the best part, though, was when a guy would get his girlfriend to take a picture of him with the model. Hey, at least the models will pose with you if you ask, unlike in North America where I'm sure they'd have bouncers to keep people away.

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