Dec 15, 2011


The snow and winter are here. Adam still takes the scooter since he works two miles down the road on a very well paved, well scooped road. I have resorted to the bus.
The temperature gets up into the 40s during the day and down to the teens at night. We haven't had a snow fall in about two weeks, but the stuff on the ground just never seems to disappear.
Olive isn't quite sure if she loves it or not. We have tossed her in it numerous times...but I think it is too cold for her.
There is something about the way the white snow makes everything feel cheery...and cold.
I am still getting used to the christmas lights though. Those of you who have never lived in the south may not know it, but the leaves don't really fall of the trees the same in Florida. So, when Christmas lights are strung, you can't see but the part you are looking at. Here, at night, all the trees look like pretty spirals because you can see the lights wrapped all the way around. Pretty neat observation from this Florida girl.

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