Jul 16, 2011

how do you celebrate your most amazing year?.....hot wings and beer at Hooters!

July 14th marked a milestone for Nicole and I as we celebrated our 1 year anniversary since eloping in Koh Samui , Thailand. Its hard to wrap our heads around the first year when we even try to think about it all given the wealth of amazing memories that were made throughout. Even more difficult was trying to decide what way to best commemorate the day. As always though, the path less traveled was where we ended up......and this time, theis path was paved with beer specials, hot wings and girls wearing far less clothing than their tuition paying parents would care to see. Yup, Hooters.

And in the spirit of adventure, we traveled there on the scoot in a fairly solid downpour of rain to add the ever present risk and excitement that we have grown to feed off of in our time together.

Soaking wet, laughing and full of satisfaction on our arrival in one piece, we toasted, we ate and shared more dreams of the years to come and can't wait to try and top this years occasion next year ;)

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