May 13, 2011

Subaru Nation....

  Venturing out to Colorado, I had this image in my head of a very rugged people....people who used horses and 4 wheelers as a main source of transport. The idea of mini coopers, bmw's and hybrids just didn't gel with my perception of the terrain. You can imagine my surprise and utter dissapointment when I found out otherwise. I suppose the dissapointment was directed more at my own ignorance, but the vehicular landscape of the mile high city held within it, some interesting nuances.

To be expected, there are a good amount of jeeps, 4x4's and wagons. There are even mercs, beemers and all the cars in between. If you really want to blend though and shout to the world, "I am a mountee and I love the earth!!!" drive a Subaru...with many roof racks...and bumper stickers ( of the "save the world" persuasion).

Its true...the rest of the country might only see a smattering...yes...a a smattering of the all wheel drive granola powered autos, but here, there is a bonified epidemic happening. Now, I searched for the sales stats to no avail but i think its safe to say that at any given moment if you take note of passers by, one in 5 is driving an outback or impreza (with a beard....or large dog poking through the rear windows).

 Its a natural evolution when you consider the relationship. Subaru's have a history for reliability, durability and versatility for climates where 4 wheel drive is a necessity. So, they fit a niche here and the people are pleased. I for one, am happy with this. I've always considered the brand to be understated and happy with that distinction. On a side note, Volvo wagons also have staked their claim amongst the locals. Nice to see the old 240 tearin up the slopes. Hail the Ho-Vo!!!

eat granola,

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Kelly said...

I live in Portland, Oregon, and they are so common here (along with Volvos) that they have a regional markup in value. And yes, I own a do about 75% of all my friends. And it comes with roof and bike racks, and sports a few "granola-ish" style bumper stickers! :)

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