Apr 6, 2011

A Happy TV Addict

I'm not sure where my TV addiction came from, but I do love it. I love Drama. Here in denver, we watch TV using tv websites like abc.com and hulu.com. But, our internet connection is actually a signal put out my by cell phone, which is not really strong enough to host TV shows. The shows get choppy and stop to reload. Some shows you can't even find over the internet.

I'm really an addict...this is a list of what I watch each week:
Hawaii 5-0
No Ordinary Family
Undercover Boss
Army Wives
Amazing Race
Mr. Sunshine
Modern Family
Off the Map
Secret Millionaire
America's Next Top Model
Lie to Me

I know, Im an addict.
Lucky me, yesterday we invested $40 into a TV tuner. It is an over the area something or another that finds the TV signals in the air and puts them into our HDTV. So now, without paying for cable, we have 33 channels! We can watch the news in the morning and fantastic boob tube at night to satisfy this lady.

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