Sep 30, 2010

Dieppe, France

Our first stop South of the Netherlands was the cute port town of Dieppe. We arrived after dark and pulled directly into a parking lot in the harbor. Adam found a powerpole with a plug, so he plugged us in and hid the cord below the guard rail.
We made some Mexican for dinner, had some wine and tried to get some sleep; although both of us slept very lightly due to the strange sounds of the fishing boats loading and unloading all night. Plus, we were both a bit anxious that the local authorities were going to get some sort of a ping from the power grid and come shut us down.

Thankfully, our night was uneventful, but in the morning a cop pulled over a driver for speeding right and parked right behind us, so we sat with our eyes glued to the rearview hoping not to be caught... Success! We were left alone.
We got ourselves ready for the day and strolled along the small city and to their beachfront. It was picturesque and everything I would imagine a little French town would be.
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