Apr 7, 2010

Wedding Bands

We are very excited to announce that we have found our wedding bands! bario-neal is a Pennsylvania based artist/jeweler who makes beautiful custom jewelery using environmental friendly ways and materials. I can't wait to share our specific choice with you, but it will have to wait. Check out their site to see their amazing work.


Rick said...

I am interested to know what metal (or metals) you chose for your wedding bands.

Adam and Nicole said...

we decided to go with the palladium

Anonymous said...

I'm so very proud of you both. Did you post a picture of the rings? I don't say too much lately because I'm pretty deep in thought about oh so many things. Fortunately Mom's been feeling better since her headache the other night and we went to services tonight at Chabod...what a change of pace!! Not sure I can take that again. Saw Ann and Schlomo Krudo there. Take care. Love, Dad.

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