Jun 2, 2009

Our Apartment

Today while Adam was at work, I moved us into our new apartment. At this time, it is as set up as it can be with what we have. This weekend we will have to go shopping to find a couch and some things to hang on the wall. I want to develop some of our pictures already and hang them up as well. I recorded a short video of our apartment. I am sure Adam will make a better, more witty one. But, for now, this is our new place. #401, I just watched the video and I filmed it side ways, so turn your head and enjoy it for now until the Man makes a new one.


Maryanne said...

I love it, but did you drink the wine...the whole apartment was sideways? or is that how it is there? Love You

MIKO said...

how cute!! how much is an apartment like this? did the school provide it for you?

MIKO said...

and is it true that apartments in korea don't come precleaned? :S

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